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How To Choose The Right Women’s Hat For Any Occasion

The right women’s hat can make or break an outfit especially at a wedding or at a charity dinner. Knowing how to get it right is an essential skill for any woman. Many women unfortunately spend little time when shopping for one as compared to how they would a dress. They end up with something simple that does nothing for the outfit or spoils it altogether. A hat should fit both the functionality and fashion of the occasion; one without the other ruins the look.

When shopping you need to consider the venue of the occasion; whether it will be indoor or outdoor, and the weather as well. When attending an outdoor wedding on a hot summer day, a wide-brimmed hat that covers your face from the sunlight is perfect. It should be made from light material such as woven straw or twill to keep you from sweating and feeling uncomfortable. If the occasion is indoors, go for one made from a light material but not too wide.

On a cold windy day, get something firm that will not fall off your head after every gust of wind. Winter and cold nights require hats made from fur or faux fur and with a lining to keep you warm. If you can find a fashionable hat that keeps your ears covered, buy it as it will keep you warm.

Do not forget to get a color that matches your complexion. Wearing a red hat on a hot day if you have pale skin will make you look red and blushed. Go for neutrals such as dove grey, brown but slightly brighter colors if you are above 40 years. Remember the color should complement your outfit as well. Avoid matching everything but looks for colors not so similar but those that go well together.

Buying a designer hat earns you more points in the class and style category. These are unique and have great designs you would not find with a common hat. These are perfect for high-end occasion where you want people recognizing what you have worn.

Finally, the most important tip is to get hats that suit your head shape. No matter how costly, fashionable or high-end the hat is, it will mean nothing if it does not fit well. Take a day, and go to a hat shop, and try every style available. Identify the shapes that make you look good and shop along those lines. Wearing the right hat at the right event is a true fashion statement your friends will not forget.

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